Nations Support Philippines to Rise Again After Typhoon Haiyan

Philippines to Rise Again After Typhoon Haiyan

Nations Support Philippines to Rise Again After Typhoon Haiyan

Countries and Organizations around the globe including United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia and more reached out to help  the Philippines as the desolation inflicted by Super Typhoon Haiyan became clearer. The country's officials seemed overwhelmed by the scale of the death and destruction and the extensive support that the Philippines are getting will definitely make the Filipinos recover with courage.

United Sates was responding to a request from Manila for assistance and deployed search-and-rescue ships and transport aircraft from the United States' Pacific deployments.

Germany's embassy in Manila said an initial shipment of 23 tons of aid was being flown in and German rescue teams were already at work.

Britain offered an emergency support package of worth $9.6million

The European Commission said it would give $4 million to help in relief efforts.

Canada promised to give $5 million to humanitarian organizations trying to help survivors in the Philippines.

New Zealand is allocating funds with further support when the devastation is better assessed.

Australia, through it's Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop has just announced it will be donating $10million through various support agencies able to assist on the ground in the Phillipines.

Typhoon Haiyan was the worst natural disaster ever to hit the Philippines and for the country to stand up, continue and survive  will not be easy without the help of many big nations to help Philippines to rise again.



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Philippines to Rise Again After Typhoon Haiyan

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