De-stress with Deep Peace Meditation

De-stress with Deep Peace Meditation

You will learn simple, practical tools to naturally & effectively combat stress & anxiety in as little as 5 minutes practice each day.

We will explore the human nervous system, how it relates to stress & how we can quickly activate the "relaxation response" through Yogic breathing techniques called Pranayama and simple, straight forward Meditations.

To go deeper than just calming the mind and relax the body, we will emersre in transendental vibration of soud called kirtan meditation. This ancient method is so simple, joyful and yet so effective in healing and cleasing our heart and mind.

You will leave with a collection of practices that you can use daily for relaxation, winding down & de-stressing in as little as 5-10 minutes.


Topics covered in this session

  • Breathing teachniques (Pranayama)
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Kirtan
  • Q&A with the teacher
  • Tea & light veggie meal

(bring some vegetarian/vegan food to share with everyone if you like)


Fee & reservasion

The class is run by donation base

Slots are limited to 15/session, so sercuse yours now

For more details follow this link LINK


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