Care for Inmates Families at Risk

Volunteerism for Manila Bilibid

Care for Inmates Families at Risk

Every prisoner has a family! What happens to them when the breadwinner is incarcerated?  What happens to the family already impacted by the loss of a breadwinner when they can hardly earn their keep due to the enhanced community quarantine in Metro Manila. As it is, it is already very difficult for the poor to provide for their needs.  How much more for the poor who have a father, or mother, or both parents behind bars! 

As COVID-19 continues to spread, the families of the inmates are barely surviving.  What they relied on as sources of livelihood before are no longer viable given the lockdown, the quarantine, and other impacts of the virus.  It is even quite impossible to provide or pay for their basic needs of their families.

With this, the PJPSFI initiated a project #BilibID (Bilib sa Inyong Donasyon) to provide our identified hundred (100) families by providing CARE packages. A care package consists of food, water, hygienic items such as toiletries, alcohol, and mask to keep them protected from the virus, and provide the scholars with homeschool supplies such as writing materials, notebooks, and paper.

We know that times are tough, but it is our HOPE that you are still able to open your hearts to help the lives of the families of prisoners and share with them that the world does CARE.

Thank you.  May your generosity be rewarded by our Loving God.

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Location: New Bilibid Prison Reservation, 1776 Muntinlupa City, Philippines

Mission Statement: PJPS is a ministry, a PCNC accredited organization dedicated to transforming love and mercy of God through the holistic rehabilitation of incarcerated persons, their families, and the prison community.   

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